The Australian Education Reporter

is an A3 full colour quarterly newspaper, covering the business of education at all levels in Primary and Secondary schools; both in the Government and Private sectors. An ever changing curriculum, new teaching methods and big personalities in the classroom combine to make the profession a dynamic and exciting environment to work in.

The general population understands the true value of education and demands the best. All governments, disregarding their membership profile, are mandated to fund a world class education system,  ensuring young Australians are well prepared to compete in global markets.

As independent journalists our search will be for the views and stories of our educators. We will dig deeply and report on the challenges and accomplishments of our education system at all levels and in all states. Teachers will be offered the opportunity to showcase successful programmes and invited to comment on relevant debates of the day. Outstanding articles will be written by the best in their field and delivered in bulk across the country.


Sizes are width x height mm w/o ed with ed
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Full Page 260x380mm $2000 $3,350

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