is to inform and educate readers about health and healing alternatives. The aim of The Art of Healing is to give the reader a sense of what a holistic approach looks like and feels like, through articles that cover the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects of well being and lifestyle.

The Art of Healing recognises that the real benefit of healthcare in the future will be it’s ability to provide solutions that have a holistic and balanced approach, and that provide for individual needs.

“Ultimately, we want to assist and inspire our readers to become more self-empowered and self-confident when making decisions about their health, healing and well being.”

The Art of Healing is supported by a team of professional therapists, health facilitators and writers who are very often, leaders in their field in the natural healthcare industry. All of these contributors report on developments and emerging issues in the natural healthcare industry, complementary healthcare and integrative medicine.


All articles published in The Art of Healing inform and educate readers about health and healing alternatives. A holistic approach is advocated incorporating all the following aspects:

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual
  • social
  • environmental

Writers for The Art of Healing are mostly professionals working within the natural healthcare industry who are approached to contribute and are often leaders in their field of expertise.

Writers are asked to submit articles for an audience who have already begun to look for different ways to look after their health, so information provided is assuming a certain amount of knowledge is already held by the reader. The magazine also includes the latest news and research from the natural healthcare industry, content that is either contributed or obtained from various reputable online sources.

The imagery that is published in The Art of Healing is chosen carefully and specifically, to support the text but also [and most importantly] to contribute to the ‘ambience’ of each magazine. To ensure this is achieved, raw art, illustrations, and photography is sourced from independent artists.



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