Whilst we do sell the normal media kit advertising assets our objective is to develop you a tailored media partnership (following are some publication examples (IF you do want ongoing editorial; IF you do want to own your Target Market = call us (this is our Competitive Advantage…

Media Partnerships (please click any of these links to get the detail of the package / these are templates we can adapt & tailor to your wants & needs:-

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These are some new media / publications we are managing (PLEASE click any to get the publication details (NOTE we develop annual packages that will give you ongoing editorial and exclusive deals = IF you want?…:-

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Clemenger Group Limited = www.cle.ms

Clemenger Group is Australasia’s largest, most successful marketing communications company. Comprising of more than 50 diverse advertising, marketing and related specialist units in Australia and New Zealand. We are not owned by them but is great to have the same history, the connection, lever the opportunity.

We do have dozens of others: do you need help selling your advertising assets; do you want us to develop and sell media partnerships –

Some examples:-

We have dozens of media partnerships (the key is you get to “own” your target market = what is your target market (in which publication do you want your logo & ongoing editorial???
We have the prospects / crm…, systems / clemenger email, processes / training & mgmt; call or email Tony Clemenger = 0419 4319 649; tony@clemenger.me

A few new ones

Can we help you sell advertising? = get more revenue and save costs (at the same time = good idea???


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