20041217 at 22.37.09

It seems to me

I know nothing

It seems to me

I feel nothing

It seems to me

I see nothing

It seems to me

I smell nothing

It seems to me

I taste nothing

It seems to me

I hear nothing

It seems to me.




I know that within there is a life

I know that within I can live

I know that within I need love

I know that within I have love

I know that without I am




To be with is to be

To see one is to be

To feel is to be

And to smell

To touch

And taste

To be

To live

To love.


To think that one needs

but to live without love

To see the opportunity

and to continue to ignore

for there is not the desire to commit

To the other

Is their imbalance and tears

Is their respect for their future

for where is mine

We could be and should

But life is no mistake

Though life is failure

With a laugh a day


With you

I smile

Thanks Susanna.


nothing happens but the noise travels no songs from me though the Tramp give blood the cure that passion beats with glee as the waves on a low with a hope of north upon a fresh brush help the rest with stars; a smile as the sleep is emptied to leave nothing - that is the Church a prayer for others as we need nothing, as we are empty mind relief of all as exercise is fine and food for enough to keep the others within the needs they have as Christmas call Help for aid we need to as Children screen for more toys and bubbles for the dress is ok today more shoes and fresh flowers upon desert as to others Christmas I will give a smile a thought and a prayer, maybe even a Saturday reflection or are we Aged & just a little Lunig.

So what

SO Nic or Nick or Dal or Long or scream at me for passion or fame do we aim or just die as wheels within and without but we care so we think enough they say as no matter the laugh floats our breeze with radio waves with 3 toks on a timeline so what what is passion with art and so forth for a pizzie or a wall within the ears or just for the soul nice oh no doubt so what is to say and as if well yes as if would be nice yes as if as if and what dies it matter its just as if and what does it matter its just time with waves and cycles and phases and it has nothing to do with me we are just doing what minds tell us to nothing within us we have no control subconscious dictates the dreams are the daily reality keeping us upon the seat nothing we can do can control the 24 7 that is the mind that possesses us so no matter just laugh.