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I take myself back - to a place called Shanghai - or should I say China - not China just yet for the fact that I write this in Tibet and therefore departure is not complete - I do not at any stage wish to indicate that departure will be a pleasure - but the future is always looked upon as being a pleasure - no matter the challenge - though it has been hard to leave Lhasa, more so than Shanghai, Hong Kong was also left with the unknown within.

I have a day pack and a small bag for water, fruit and the second pair of shoes - this will have to change - maybe.

I feel that I now have the baggage under control - 2 X socks, shirts, pants, jacket and books, camera, cap, first aid kit and toiletries.

The only problem is that everything states you can not travel Tibet by yourself - that is what I wish - so I am sure problems/challenges will be met - police and permits!

So back I go - Shanghai's departure dragged on and on and will/may continue for another year - Isle of Man!

The PCECCS College saga was a matter of pressure - I was lucky to have paid Australia - otherwise my power was limited and consequently money not forthcoming. Anyway - money is and will continue to be received - past: amazing how mothers try to take on the role of the owner/business person; we are who we are - be who you are.

So drinks were had - day after day, for a week or two (!); packed all, no major problem - diary (!) again (!!) - I still hold hope, so to HK and meeting - Guang Zhou - flight to Cheng Du - flight to Lhasa - delay - hotel - flight 7am about to land - no, return to Cheng Du - 2pm fly - same weather - land!

I will have to take flight again - October or April - amazing - though I did not see enough!

Lhasa - with group - form - no sleep - see sights - no sleep - see sights - no sleep - early walk of monetary. Sights - no sleep.

Taiwan ren - hot springs; no lunch, road works - 6 hours & home - no sleep!

Off to Airway Hotel - view and bargain.

Fantastic relax.

Walk - did not make the hermitage.

Swim; sleep - walk - nunnery - great to walk - air, flowers, view.


Lhasa - changed - will improve - people need The Lama - direction/pride!!

So off - bus; arrive - bliss; so far.

Lady helps me find cheap hotel.

Morning - walk - local transport to Monetary; 10 year walker; off to 2000 year old castle; amazing; meet others - pilgrims - off we go - one after the other after the other after the other - great to see the suit of armour. Late back - sleep!

Some things that seemed to have been left out:

- the china visa at Shen zhen

- the Police at the Hong Kong Hotel door

- the Bank of China Shanghai account.

So last time I wrote I was in Tsetang - not a bad little spot - on the river with hills/mountains around - entrance to valley with the Castle - great - others - villages ...

I have found it hard to move by myself in Tibet - the book says you can't - almost. Anyway, after 3 years of China I do not wish the foreign tour.

So, from Tsetang - bus to Samye - not worth the trip - though in ten years it maybe.

Just catch the bus heading to Lhasa - I get off at Chushui - across the bridge to Gyantse - just get a truck - to the top of Kamba La. Where there seems to be a Sanatana waiting. Lucky for this road does not see much traffic; off we head to Gyantse - friendly; get stuck in the mud - arrive - expensive hotel is moved out of next day - great town - nice lake on the way.

Town - needs - direction/respect - but the sights are (tick/tick/tick/tick) - Kumbum.

Bus to Shigatse - good old section but not worth much time.

Shigatse to Lhatse - no where town and never will; meet some locals - chat - no transport - luck - 4WD - empty 9am entrance - checkpoints are concerns for all - especially me - no pass/permit - but the Kathmandu line seems to work - so far.

So at the entrance I am dropped off - with too much luggage but walk to village only option - good to start will plan - legs work and back/shoulders ok.

Entrance - no one call so on I walk; to a house where I drop off extra luggage.

Climb hill/mountain - four hours later - rest - to step - walk to top - cloud - little; some in morning.

Locals drink & dance - not much sleep - same as night before.

Up to view/wander - then down the hill, nothing is a mountain around here - Everest and mates - rule.

Nice sights - lovely day - till 5pm, which is fine - for it would have been another three hours till the next stop - so some slight rain now - good opportunity to rest in a newish Chinese establishment - hope no late intruders - otherwise sleep will be obtained - showers should pass - couple of hours, at least by night - clear morning - I hope - as to whether I make it tomorrow or not - no matter.


Early clarity enables smile, photo and a start which takes me through pictures - long day with wind to finish at 5 in the monetary. Meet HK - 3 nights on Everest; sleep.

- back for patience and NY story.

Drive to base - what to do?

Wander to the base; chat to Canadian///relax/chat.

No lift - walk; arrive back at Chinese hotel; garbage truck - sleep/ get to town; empty cruiser - Lhatse.

Calls, Ali, lift. Drive Drive - permit?! Drive. Arrive monetary - great - walk. Walk. ?/Kalish.

Many days have passed and amazing things have been sighted and experienced.

Reward for effort - not that this was the plan - NY/Maoists.

Kailish - met the Swiss librarian - days later - tried Nepal boarder; wanted Islamabad!

Kalish exit - either the truck at Ali with the same group or other truck - day walk with short wave (TICKSSSS).

Truck with slum dwellers - night in truck - stop - fine journey - Tibetan horse riders in nowhere.

Ali - Tibetan/Xingjiangren/Han - middle of desert - why? - army/politics/india.

Days - cards, chasing women/talking. 52 celebrations - tug of war; walking around the chairs (music) - games/dancing ... fun!

More days of finding truck/lift/ok - permit - ok - go to Army/go to Police - take permit - fax Lhasa - toilet - return, closed - GIVE ME.

YES - but truck has gone.

3 trucks - Xing Jian ren - meat/noodles - rest are Han; loose one truck - crowd!! 4 + 3 !!! anyway first night - no blanket no sleep!!! second - fire in locals truck stop

Breakdown - snow / wind - new part

Breakdown - fuel line (morning) - new part

Breakdown - first new part - replace - drive drive

- sleep - they; hour at pass 4am - future.

Ads directors assessment - database




other comment

UN - enlarge council - more names (ex PM's ...)


AIDS - gdp% - developed money to problems & % of int air travel (?)

Aust - huts/helicopters/walks

- book inter; after local prom.

(faces in rocks on the night in the last pass (and the colours/silver))

Ye Cheng - hotel battle - hour - bus breakdown

Kashger - faces (nice couple) stories - bikes to Pakistan. 2 passports - Germans (great old group) Israel - not to Tibet (!)

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