John Alexander


To those who may be interested:


We live life and as Mr Fraser was and will remain to be aptly quoted "Life wasn't meant to be easy".


As that case may be, I will contently hold the words of a Russian with me, to allow me to smile, through all that may wish to impact upon me:- "Walk with God above".


As to the meaning of it all, I am only human, others may be more qualified to answer.


The point:- A man, a homeless man arrived on my doorstep on Saturday morning to present me "goods" he had found, a diary, directory and telepne, that I had had to report stolen the night before.


The purpose:- Many questions and thoughts could be asked and deliberated over, but once again simplicity is the key.


We are animals, social animals and due to suck we have a "social need". A need to be a part, a need to be loved, a need to love.


This man walks with love within him.

To you I say, Love Tony.


(And your respect will always provide you with the pillow you desire.)



Dear Keith, the note was sent to "letters to the editor" - SMH on the Monday, nothing was printed.

Anyway, thank




Smile from the inside and the world will smile upon