Change Kmart 25/9/96 B&T

Advertising seems to be taking certain

elements of negativity,

politics, on the odd occasion seem

to be of a similar nature.

Society is tough and competitive

but we are aiming to improve such,

why are we so short sighted

and so concerned with our own


Jeanine Haines and Don seemed to be

concerned with the politics of issues

Cheryl, it seems to me that we,

be it me in advertising

be it politicians,

are too concerned with short-sighted

issues and power, control.

Do you feel that in the future, even

though the world will become increasingly

competitive, that the advertisement

for your voter will advance?


1. economics, are a part of the tough decisions

casinos are a part of economics

& in politics.

- eco VRS politics


in the fist part of the ritual is to

dilute the populist.

is it a failure of the govt to

inform the public.


1 tactics

2 living

3 ends justify



Robert Mann

US - Daniel Borstein


owned by class - politicians & their speakers


is this not why the donkey & introduction & substantiation of the Demos & Greens in so visible.


Have not Politicians seemed to have lost the publics plot>