It would be 11.24AM on the Friday, 5/1/96 and Eden, New South Wales would be the place that this pen places ink on this paper.

It is initially essential to give the introduction to enable the reader to locate themselves, from there it would be logical to present the story. To the extent that this day has no story there is no-where to go from here.


The above would indicate that I be best to stop the pushing of this pen now, though the room, bed, has been booked for another night and consequently I have to fill in the hours that remain prior to another drunk sleep! It seems a little unfortunate to have placed the word drunk prior to sleep but being realistic and having tow nights prior to this one, I do conclude that is more than likely to occur once again, once again prior to a Sydney return.


So it will be interesting, for me only, or others if they get so bored, to follow the pen and see what eventuates within these pages.


Eden, a town that seems larger in size than the population would initially indicate. Size many not be the appropriate work to the extent that the main street is constantly a-buzz, the shops are constantly frequented,

By whom?

Are the locals SO grand in their consumption that they need to purchase on the hourly basis or are the tourists SO grand that "constantly frequented" is the Christmas norm.

Or is there the possibility that the inhabitants become so bored in their households that they need to frequent the shops for socialisation reasons.

Of the above mentioned possibilities I would conclude that the first and last are the reasons for "constant frequency".

Tourists seems to be attracted to Merimbula, as to why I have only one answer; the concept of the sheep being herded comes to mind: initially the flock was dispersed along the terrain, over time there numbers grew and due to such there was the need for organisation and login to be had for the land could not cope with such. The initiation of ships and a towns infrastructure eventuated in numerous locations, and the inhabitants that promoted their particular locations were to be vital in the growth or otherwise of these locations.

I would conclude that the interns and those within the appropriate positions within the relevant hierarchies enables the town of Merimbula toe be the first cab off the rank.

The promotions that followed facilitated tourism from the major metropolis of Sydney and eventuated in the development of housing rental and holiday destination construction.

The bizarre scenario created in that town with employment, or industry, Eden, the town where there is a pulp mill, a large wharf, fishing ... there is a lack of local infrastructure.

It is true to say that Eden does have the local Tucker bag, but what could be said is that the facilities of Merimbula are grander.

I have sat within the confines of the Australasian Hotel, or been within a close proximity, having been to the lookout, the wharf, visited Boydtown, Pambula and Merimbula, and am now fucken bored!

The last two words are a summation of what life is not meant to be about. We exist. If we are "fucken bored" and we live, if we attempt and succeed in not being so.

Anyway, Eden needs development. Where do you get the constant buzz at Christmas time?

Sorrento. Victoria.

That generates the questions as to what this town is like in May - August, midweek. Are there the visitors or is the town as internally starved as I may have initially concluded?

I will make an assumption that this town has the industry throughout the year to enable mid-winter survival.

This town, like the mining town of Cobar is rich due to employment where are Broken Hill and Merimbula are to a far larger extent dependent on the weather and tourism.

Observing one of the inhabitants for a moment presents the reality of the outsider who has made grandiose conclusions regarding an area and population without any real research.

It is unfortunate that I have presented the previous for I do not have any statistics to make the assumptions that I have.

That being as it is, the point that I was going to make regarding the local, is that I am not.

The amazing thing about towns, cities ... is that you are born into one.

There is no other statements to make regarding this fact.

There are a few exceptions, and in a time of migration few remain in their initiated home for life, but home, it remains.

This is bizarre, and worth considering, as is the concept of the fatherless child, adopted child and the society that will, or may eventuate if we humans do not look upon the potential problems that may develop.

The development of these thoughts generates another thought related to these times, technology and the isolation of human worth.

The education system malfunctioned. I ask one question: what is the percentage of the employed that do what they want to?

I hear the elders inform me that we, being lazy and lazy would prefer to do nothing, that we are prepared to put up with "our lot" instead of persist and generate the "desired lot".

Society needs slaves and we are all within society, consequently we are all slaves.

Some do, some don't, some will others wont, some like others don't but we all are even if we rule our won next or consider ourselves to do so, we are a part of the system and the system constantly needs improvement. If we could enable 5% of the people to do what they considered worth of their efforts then at least 5% would enjoy existence, This 5% would spread pleasure throughout, though 95% vrs 5% is not balanced, nor close to a majority.

What society requires is 50%, at least, of those working to be, at the least, content within their profession, and when one mentions profession, I should stipulate that it is the intended, desired profession and not one chosen out of need!

One point to be included is that some will see improvement over time, they will note and know that their long-term pleasure is dependent upon short-term pain.

This realisation is enacted by many youngsters with degrees and promoted by the employers, the development of this reality generates stress within the system.

The youngsters go through too much pressure and short-term pain prior to eventual reward. It is obvious from the preceding paragraphs that I am a "youngster". To tell the truth I am not young at this present moment and present another people who are older tell us we are young facilitating the generation, wisdom, power gap.

It is unfortunate that the above is true for within youth is future, it is vital for the system to promote the concepts of "wise youth", for they know and will be the future.

It is essential to progress the system and the young are the inhabitants of such, they must play a part.

The problem is the aged, and within the word - is the key.

Change is not always for the better but many times it is. Age, an increase generates the development of old, the opposite of new, change is new, Not all change is good, but with a new day everyday comes change, change is essential.

Conclude, change is essential, the new is essential, old is out, new, change, youth is in.

The problem is that the old with the power will not present it to the young.

Transition, constantly occurring; irrelevant. The point made by the "powers that be" is that proof is required prior to change, transition. The problem with this is that the time it takes to prove is the time it tales for the old to get too old and the young to get old so by the time the young get old and the change to take place there is already an old and a new young so in reality we are constantly a generation behind.

Is that why the term "generation gap" was forthcoming?

From the above it would be logical for me, when, if, I obtain or am presented with the power pass on from the "almost dead" to hand on the power instantaneously, though I am sure that I will not do so, but I do hope that I listen, enquire an promote youth, for they are the future and if the system can enact the system efficiently and proactively then it is logical that society will be rewarded for such. If an organisation is proactive and forward in structural efficient and operation, it is also logical that that organisation will be rewarded.