4/2/95 (onto the NSW TAB tickets)

at the local, be it the Lane Cove, on the Longueville, it is another opportunity to observe the viewers, those being the consumers who may or many not watch the advertisements, they may enjoy, be entertained, they may be retained for the entirety of the ad or they may wander.


as to why they may wander and as to why they may continue to observe or be fascinated by the information/entertainment is the question that needs to be analysed :-

(i) you have to be original so repetition is therefore not an achievement that is desirable:

so any great concept is that, it requires to be continually alternated

eg an idea needs to have hours of viable footage that has numerous ads to be produced from such,


this ability enable a concept to be progressed and reinvigorated in a number of manners

=> interest and repetition.




Qantas, as the same for repetition it is not viable, you can't be effective with such.




if we are to be cost effective then we have to utilise the production costs, for they are the greatest per second, media is expensive, be that as it may it is CREATIVITY THAT SELLS.


so utilise the idea to it's fullest, make use of the wages, the creative's.


Inappropriate noise turns people off.


Style will always win, along with class.


if the news was the case then SBS would be the Answer, and it's no 2; so 9's dominance is not due to the News, 7 should realise this fact.