20/6/94 10.30am

so here we sit on the Monday morn,

the Demons lost,

the license expires tomorrow

and presently I sit in the Willy Court House,

shaven with the black shoes tie & suit;

there seems to be a fair crowd, as to why, I do not know.

as to why they sit inside, I do not know,

for the sun shines indicating grace,

serenity, though as to how this may be the case on the Monday morn

I do not know how.


Maybe the peace of the weekend

Maybe the meeting with Simonne

Maybe the sanity that now seems to prevail throughout my life,

be it not entire it is certainly trending towards such.


Ah, for that day

I do look forward

Though on that day

I may look back

Responsibility will be the change

- career progress will be the indicator.

initially Sydney?


- beach

- myself

the movie/film festival is over the linen is prepared

so painting production os about to begin in earnest.

it is amazing how one bad golf shot can cause such change:-

from the front of the 5th green,

behind the bunker,

into the bunker

followed by a bad/short chip

anyway +4 was a good performance

but not a victorious one



life is a challenge

that most can't take up

to the fullest,

most are content to listen to the news,

they are not prepared to

make news, or change the news.

With my education it is appropriate

that I attempt to change the news

- inform the public

: ads

: documentaries

Production based

- Clemenger Report.

increase production involvement

=> knowledge of motion

what is involved

from animation

paint box/computers

the directors


know where the money is

: Documentaries

: Shorts

- information based


where is society


initially one per year

info => short series

1 hour => 5 hours


Education Oriented

extend Banner

& Port?

another group not Bill

or diversity via otters.

outdoor advertising


people oriented

because publicity could backfire

- adverts : pollution

local projects => holiday orientation

buy land => redevelop via employees

NB: time/lack of knowledge

animation/puppets ... collage

advert story : ad/10 variations

=> progression/ 5 year development

=> basic strategy



brand identification

character development

develop new markets


NB - keep links distant

- ownership

- operation

- legal

- geo