9/5/94 5.20

I'm glad that I'm not in the library attempting to read a book, for though there may only by a customer by the name of Tony, there are staff that make more noise than the ring of the phone. Oh, please Kym, arrive, chat, and allow my mind to contemplate conversation because the inability to do what one wishes to is painful, so painful that one, to satisfy the soul, has to progress onto another pursuit, read the sports pages, it would be some mental application that would actually not require the application of the mind but just the coordination of the eyes and the brain, not a difficult task, actually, about as complicated as coordinating the feet and the legs or the heart and the nose. These tasks do not require all that much effort, neither does the functioning of the brain, the application does require effort and the utilisation of previously untouched cells needs thought. So the ambition of life is to think; for then we are progressing society by utilising our life's at that moment, though if we all of a sudden abuse the mind and destroy the previously obtained progression, oh, the failures of humans, it is such an unfortunate human failure, to stray from the path.



how unfortunate,

that's life for you.


it seems to be Monday morning though it would not matter too greatly if it was the day or night for life has once again been interrupted by the failing mechanics of the motor vehicle, be it due to my laxness or not is another matter altogether. Why these occurrences seem constantly pervade my life is something I'm yet to come to grips with but then again one could be rationally and state that life is full of the interruptions that have to exist within natural unexplainable extremities which operate within the chaotic existence of 21st Century man where the nature of life has attempted to be overtaken by the simple pleasures of efficient and : such. Anyway we go on and on to make the most of the moment for we have no ability to correct all circumstances ourselves in the world of specialisation, where one is required to advance in a field of their own choice, where knowledge of other operations are ignored knowing that if assistance is required then it is obtainable.

Ce la vie!

Though, the neck is still sore!

as the taxi passes by!

for I actually wait for the RACV!


want a banana~!