31/12/93 approx 4pm


this little man had to try & make love feel new again

- I think you Hugh for giving me

an insight into life

for in life there is life

only if you live

to do that you have to be out there

speaking tongues.


Thank you


For being me.


within one there is so much life

it is all

all that one


is to


for then there is everything that you want

eternal happiness

you have


for eternity


Surrender to love.


Love leads to success


Clarity leads to power.


surrender to love

& sleep

& contentment


ah for life

lust for life

& then there will be success


& enjoy the Champagne.


Be good

Be friendly

& Be like Bee.

for these are the morals of life.


So spoke I on 31/12/93


Ambitions for 94:

we don't need to set specific goals

but we always need to progress


it is all interlinked:-

Body - health

Mind - intellect

Soul - relations



So much happens

you can't do it all

just do what you

need to


& do it to the best of your ability

which is

the highest/greatest