How would you be?

Enjoying London's winter!, well you don't have to concern yourself about the summer in Melbourne, or the coastline, for there are floods, in Tasmania, the same, though in WA there are fires.

Anyway, whilst one is working the weather has no relevance, and to pass on a thought of mine, there is not use concerning oneself about it due to the strongly held rumour that humans, in general can do little about it except raise the umbrella, place the gloves over the fingers, keep the head down and do what desires to be done with the smile on the dial.

So we are obviously happy in a new city where the cultural offerings are greater, due to size and not "backwardness", for Melbourne is "high" on drama, music, ... and casinos and grand Prix and private TAB's.

Change is the constant, even with me, for mow my hair is longer. Something's change slowly. So how would you be looking?

Longer hair? No same as usual, I would predict. Abode? Mmm - for that is an unknown, on your own?


I actually played golf with Clive yesterday, and this morning and whilst quizzing him about ... mentioned your name to which he mentioned that Gabs had spoken to you. So I will have to ring her later to find your address so this ink is not wasted.

Anyway, Christmas has slid past without the roarcas festivities that have in the past been the usual and I'm intending the new year to be entered with he same clear head. Though, that is not to say that the pleasures were not taken in, for a month at Portsea reading, surfing and golfing was enjoyable as was the frenzy in Melbourne for the four days prior to the Birthday celebration, preparing the smile, not to mention the gifts.

Toot toot goes Tim Webber, off to the MCG for the cricket & Wairne.