19931207 "so this is Christmas" John Lennon

coming from the Care Australia advertisement on SBS Television, during an advertisement break, no, it was actually the time that the flat mate was about to reconnect with Keith. Oh, for the duplicity, complex nature of the potential existence on the Western mass where one is in reach of so much information that we know whilst we each two blends of ice-cream the world blends blood and corruption with starvation and disease. Oh, so it is Christmas time, the time for caring and sharing, oh, it's time to smile for there must be something amusing to enable this festive period to pass with pleasure without the contemplation of others who have not made it. Oh, for let us enjoy our success, Yes, let us open the French we have worked for.

Oh, Oh, ho, for that seems to be the problem that keeps me fro progressing,

though no, that is not true.

is GMAT the answer

Mktg => Philo. (tick)

which is applicable in modern

worlds where all need help

mental physical emotional






sometimes I just wish I was not alone,

by myself,

though I love to be away from others,

in my mind,

for others interfere with the thought process,

they disturb the days happenings,

though it is not to say that the planning of an outing is a disturbance,

it is the phone,

the traffic

I live the irregularity of my life at this present moment.

The ability to wake with sunlight when it shines brightly enough to bring me to day,

To fall asleep when tired.

To eat when desired, and what is

required or desired.

Swim, golf, read read read


for I have no money

no sex

few friends




"Piece of Mind"

Sandy MacGregor!