It would be, and, is, strange that as one is about to depart the land, or one of the Countries that consists of Islamic embodiment that eventually a meeting is made with females that speak English. This is a great thing that is eventually concluded my the father's orders, as per normal.

To Dogga I go: History to be seen, experienced.

It is nice to have a slightly more thorough understanding of the people, though to know the people one must know the religion and to do this much effort must be undertaken, probably elsewhere because the books are not available within this land, that is unfortunate but a realistic consequence of the general dislike for english, not so for french, but I do not know.

It is hard to know how to spend one's time, sitting on a beach reading about the people's history, religion, culture, or to be within the land's that make up the culture.

I feel that, after attempting the latter that initially one should read and learn and then experience by participation is so much more beneficial, but then the problem is that one can't also be productive, or generate a development of the ,,,

the mixture needs to be varied daily,

but to be travelling and seeing is an, almost, all consuming task, and whilst travelling the roads do not promote reading, and the heat also makes any task increasingly difficult.

One should always be prepared.

That is the answer.



Prior to departure to the land one should know of the places that need to be seen and understand the culture, but this then presents the problem that the wind is not scented and followed.

=> list places of importance

=> general itinerary which has flexibility

enabling the meetings to take the significance that is required to obtain the local feel.

which is especially of importance in the land where, generally, people will not speak the dialect know to the traveller.


This is all a good learning experience


which will be planned with regards to KNOWLEDGE of

history and desired places

but no set hotels - not too specific,

just flights -

which are flexible

to be able to meet the wind with free feet

and open palms.