it has been sometime since the paper has been struck by the pen, but it is now happening and I am pleased for that fact.

Actually, I did send a "thank you" to you from Sardinia, but it was so late and for that reason I am slightly disappointed within myself for not doing enough to say

Thank you.

for your help and offering to me was more than desired required.

Thank you.


Melbourne is again lived in, though am I actually living or merely existing within the city of 2.7 million other humans that seem to operate around me without any concern whatsoever, as I do the same for them.

I have just walked out of a movie I saw (2.25pm in Lygon St after the tutorial & lecture (Japanese Economy) to see a French movie Les Amfant de Pont Neuf, which involved the extremities of life, finishing with the loved ones on the bridge travelling Scene out of Paris, unfortunately I was ten minutes late due to the parents horse running in Sydney - it won).

It is so great to see a movie by oneself.

To go through its life.

To be alone,


For that is what it is all about


Pain, tears


So we can fight to reach the top again, only this time we will surround ourselves with beauties simplicity.

For that is where love is truest,

where there are no clothes

and stark light.

where moles are seen and nothing

runs when the tears flow.


Ah, fuck to the glow of the sun

under the leaves

on top of the grass,

And smile, till the face is covered,

with wrinkles.


So we live with the millions amongst daily papers where trams roll along on steel rails below wires,


to move the poor,

those not lucky enough to seat themselves upon the cushion.

others have to ride on rubber

and some are so poor that they walk.

Har Har.

For all i can desire to do IS lye!!!


For all I can do is smile and think to myself - so what


I live with david

sometimes the folks go away and frequently I look for a place to live.


And Melbourne shines

and leaves fall

for fall is here.


I do see Fiona,

I do touch Fiona,

And I sure do love Fiona.

something's have meaning.

seats don't

beds don't

tears do

as do smiles

Again I can smile

Be that now,

But for tomorrow,


That will have to be a dream.


Where is Amo? - thought about him in the film,

sorry amo, but he has that free spirit, and he, I think is in Paris.


Anyway, how is Bali?

have seen Doug, though that was at Christmas time down at Portsea when he had his shag

Doug is Doug,

great bloke,

lots of action.


I broke my collar bone playing cricket with the Doug Walters XI; lost that match; only one I played in.

Jason - playing music & at Redheads, presently up on Syd recording

Kelly - starting new job - time to recover from the holiday, purchased Louse - repairs, sounds like her new love, & car.

my family: same same.