19930414 after "War Games",

no relevance,

after Music Awards

no relevance,

after cartoons

no relevance:


The switch turns on the lights

The lights blind the eyes,

That would be,

Be if,

If the human desires


Too much

Much more music

Much more mustard

Much more muscle

Much more



You can breath without the light

You can live without the switch

You can

Touch to feel

Smell to taste

Speak to hear


You can


You can

Think to know


Know your soul




Sometimes we turn on the switch

because it is there.

Sometimes we look at the lights

because they are there.

Sometimes we converse with a neighbor because they are there,

then we must be strange.

Are they not given a fence to hide behind because the joke is not worth of our ears.

Are they not given a phone so they can speak to others without having to leave their land.

They are

We are

And soon that will be as it once might have been dreamed of.

For I was a French chief

For I was a Russian peasant

For I was an English thief

And I will become dirt

If only I could dance amongst it

If only there was some dirt to feel at home in

Where we could all build sand castles together

Where we could all throw mud paddies together

Where we could all build higher wall together

To realise that you may as well live with me

For its all a game of tick-tac-toe

For its all a game of nougats & crosses

For its all a game

So onward we play


As you get the faster car

I get the bigger house

And there is the fat kid from kinda

"He always was dumb"

In the bus.

So onward we go

Through the jokes,

I hear no longer through the rush

Be it the traffic

Be it the phone

Be it the chatter that continues within my mind,

Though I don't know how

For there is nothing

I am alone

Me and my


The cig and caf

For the beers and whisky

I will always sing


For tomorrow is another day

So there must be something for me to


Where are





FOr you are the joke

Playing a game

Called waiting

Waiting for what

Tic tac toe

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha