To the Americans I met in India.

How are you, well I will presume, and looking forward to our facial contact within the next decade, or potentially the next century, depending on flight schedules and financial and times availability.

I remembered you statement that you might do something. I hope you have.

Artistically, I mean, nothing for you here, but potentially next time, if something is being done.

at this stage I would have to admit that your names have not been traced within the chastic computer of my mind and you. Box is hopefully located within the piles of o/s paraphernalia?! (ignore my inability to spell, this is Australian, not English)

(or I am Australian, not English, as you ...are... American ...)

today, they tell me it will reach (approx.) 30C, so what; I seat myself above a hotel which has based within it's five rooms a conglomerate of ? who come together to make TV advertisements.

this is my new job: money


we have to

exploit and

express the

thoughts in

a manner

which is


by all within



I have made the initial investigations into the development