Wait wait wait; Sinaia; wait wait wait.

Friday week ago, "Monday or Tuesday morning at the latest". Good, that will allow me to walk amongst the mountains then obtain in the security of Visa's credit prior to moving on to London.

So walk the hills, in the sun with some Romanians, French and Danish. All is well. Tuesday passes, no card, no phone call. No problem. Romania is not America, it will take time, time, not this long.

Friday's communication informs me that Brisbane needs info - ok.

Call back.


Obviously the houses telephone will not connect with Australia, so I will have to move, to a hotel.

Complete, but what is happening Brisbane?

wait wait wait, Sinaia, wait wait.

Sat - Brisbane - what's going on?


Fuck this for a joke.

Telephones to Australia cost money, let alone the fact that hotels are not the sights I wish to see in this or any country.

Stuck in nowhere, be it a resort town, all the worse.

Trees look nice, but, they are the same trees and from what i have heard the trees in Northern Moldavia are better due to the fact that it is far less industrialised, frequented or polluted, the mountains are mountains and not cleared ski fields or set aside for Sunday strollers, no, in the north trees are trees and Romanians are Romanians.

Let me be there

where life is life.

Even War & Peace sits beside me, touched little, not enough, little is done,

get me out of this room, town, on the road to new sights, mental inspiration, a challenge!


Today I was meant to be going to Ploiesti to stay with some friends. This was to be an enjoyable weekend on their grape farm, prior to further movements, but now I wait for Brisbane and knowledge for the unknown. Ploiesti, I will have to inform Rodica, is out of the question at this point in time.

Maybe next time I'm in Romania.