The local in Cassa is frequented by myself an interruption to the normal Monday arvo when the races in Paris are gambled upon the beers are consumed with the cigs and chatter as the music in the background intermingles with cars bikes trucks and buses and the strangers walk on by as the sights are seen.

The arrival was made in the bus over a good day of travelling with the various others dressed in robes sandals ...

Clive Gabs gabriella Darah

stoned i would be at the evening on this as the travelling will cont. to tomor as the Oly must be made EXPO? call to be made should be more often as to be travelling with such lack of financial resources is not to be done again. Telephones are expensive but must be used ...

Hope you are all well ...

work family house continuation of the constant change

how is melbourne



the normality of melb

I think of many things whilst travelling and people of the past are all included with a range of frequency ... tennis golf cricket horses films english books papers trams

each city has its own

markets walled cities





The Marlboro is lit in Morocco as frequently as the beer is consumed and that is as frequently as the hash which numbers three a number that will keep me happy flies on the hand or should no it has flown ...

Jeffries Webs. Amo Hayes as the seat in the bar is warmed

good place to be writing a letter

music of english


not many located on the travel from the Islam ladies to the Asian clad types the potential is little but as one heads into the Metropolis the opportunities increase

drink up it's fun


"like a little prayer"

I read the Koran


soccer is the main sport

jocks bags of plastic it all seems to happen differently German!

Marrakech was a pleasure NZ no good

it seems to be

as the men take a wander



will be enjoyed as is today

after the shit has pound out of an ...

beer is the only answer


bir or french Arabic Italian Berber:-



clothing the children

man from western lands

in the local village fields of corn

under the glacial remains

of winters downfall ...


summers beauty in

the rocky landscape

of vertical



grassy enalines

danger will be attempted

good view in potential ...

thunder was the sound.

There is comprehension there, maybe ... certainly.


Ruppert not two p's. The hotel, bed, mean is not the best I should have moved Sevillia would love to do it but the cost time trouble is not work Spain will have to be done at some stage in the future as does Algerian desert Marakech

good design of the old and the new

civilisations mingling without


nice design

happening place

where the market is the television for the masses

biere de prestige



brasseries deMaroc


dart are fun none here

pool is a Sadian game of difference (Sadia is a Med. summer resort where Algeria Moroccan border patrols are observed by the families youth soccering swimming

stayed with Hassan and fishing mates on the beach where relaxation was observed undertaken and utilised

Algier: they have assassinated the President

Hassan states to me as the other lif Morocs were in the black money exchange upstairs.


I smile at all

hope all are so well




another cig for another page

characters are seen

constantly scenes

as the

boats (to be cleaned)


sold individually by the holidaying

school children

that I would say

don't, or only just are

being schooled in the villages

the boat is cleaned


given colour



The inability to


is made


they win

not that it's a game

games life



he is doing a good job.

almost presentable in the

city streets to PO Bank Bars entertainment

time for art galleries

street observation of




are handy things to be

utilising ...

sailing is missed though rarely


piano playing


a tape of favorite music

food is not wide in variety

cities are western

KIWI grabbed!

sometime I hear familiar voices



he massages the foot clean socks cleaning

clothes constant that;s Life

though travelling is dif.

no watch, two stolen

- Algeries park bench with

glasses resting on open bag

- Chang rain train where

bag was left for the milling cleaner, or s,

boots are starting to look good.


on you crazy diamond

music pink floyd is heard no it is not

it's cool wind in the air

shimmering lights



heaven or hell she showed me the way

welcome to the hotels california

... Hotel California


... good old times Portsea

wind blew so the sur is not on

time is on hand

I'm not doing much today

one needs to relax take it easy

do nothing

it is infrequent

I write draw

photograph we go do

there is so much it's overload

as language history style customs agriculture