- after phone call to parents

after completion of The Snow Leopard

after a day by Rose's pool

after news of Bret's death.


I look at your face


it's paint I see


I'm sure your there

under your hair

I see your eyes

black as balls,

close to sleep,

you tell me


get amongst it,


it's great.



The road twists

Like the life of the eagle

Your soar

Sometimes float

And will certainly

Dream about another

Like Life

As you pass the farmhouse

As you pass the farmhouse

As you pass the rocky skill

Or the willows weeping

Across the plain

Between the properties

Where the goblins roam

Paddocks sway with hilly glee

As the robin plays

In the eucalypt tree

life Like

It marks it's way

Be it nomadic

Like the eagle

Like the goblin

As the road twists

Through the cemetery

where the skulls

are seen

Life like

Amongst the dirt.



The carpet moves my legs

as i wander through the house

the mind is alive with sight

Which is set within the stage

Through moving from set to set



I play within the field

With goblins and skulls

As eagles dive



The bottom

To leave this stage

Just in time

Not a hair in it

The piles shift

I quake within

The stomach aches

with an acidic burn

To settle again in another land

where the green fields meander

where the tiles glow

give dimension


and Life

Thank you.



The kitten seems to sum it up:-

It wanders the pavement


From side to side

Not sure from which direction

It needs to hide

Onwards it journeys

Seeming to be aimless

And now it's gone.

Why it goes there

Is not my concern

Though I do wonder

How it got there.

Be there where.



The man kicks the gas container along the Median's main thoroughfare, it rolls along wakes those in it's way for on it travels, until, wait, an on coming car. Though for some fait of the land the metallic object seems to comprehend the pending danger and rolls to the right enabling the vehicle safe passage, prior to another boot from the owner.



Sunday, I know that, I have headed back in o town, what to do but sit in a cage and spend the hours watching the light fade I do not know but in a city where dead cats lie on the pavement next to trucks where the buses can not move because the doors want close where the touching of skin can offer affection or effect the mind like the ignition of the match of who knows what in the city where people live love hate and animals live love hate like humans as the flies generate the clearing breeze while streets of cars move between the people who sit to watch and comment on the change of the game that takes place on the seats board as the grandstand expands like the city on the continuance of time whist the leaves offer respite for the eyes from the repetition of gray life that melds with the gray attitude that seems to be like the halo that hovers above where ever whilst all as the lights contemplate operation in the fading sunlight's that penetrates all within old and new but not the clean as the dust which was not yesterday is today for the sands from the desert come whichever way the winds blow for the trees have a date with creation like dead lives due to life we will operate and function consider and wander pages of paper with light and thought to get an empty pen with a clear mind as the ball gets kicked from block to boot enabling the wearing of skin to toughen for the body's preparation of the minds as the sun moves through the final phase the stick is obtained to push the top as the body seeps bends and eventually the sun sets to the lamp light.




The funeral was observed on the television by those in the cafe on the boarder within Morocco, they laugh and smile to the Bom Shiver as the Algerians are content that they are closer to an Islamic state, though that will not answer the economic problems that riddle the system. So one man dies, to be replaced by another that within a year will fall to the spell of the systems power that comes from a hierarchy that has established practices that police, military, education departments have constructed, utilised and functioned within since Independence was obtained in 1962, after one and a half million Algerians were killed.

Many desire this dedication, loyalty, spirit for country to spread throughout their world to enable a system to operate independently of others, away from the Western influences of America, England, and France who corrupt the minds bodies and souls of the Islamic nations of Algeria and (there is an order: Iraq Iran Algeria Turkey Tunisia Morocco Java => know) Cuba?

this is possible but a reality that will hopefully not reach fruition because otherwise the world really is divided both religiously and consequently politically due to the Islamic powers being political, and also economically which would lead to the inefficient allocation of resources because efficiency of scale would not exist because there would be no monopolies - electricity - gas/oil/coal/water => natural monopolies, so resources would be wanted in the processes that become duplicated. There would also be wastage because there would be production of some goods that would normally not be viable but are still demanded and Demand & Supply not being dictated by one world market but by two would generate inefficiencies, wastage and social problems due to a comparison of systems (and achievements/chattels).

When all is equal social problems disintegrate because there can be no comparison that leads to a hatred based on anything but emotional jealousy which is an individual inefficiency created from an uneducated mind.

So where there is one system of education equality is created and the individuals achievements are resultant to the efforts placed within the life lived.

This is utopia

one rules their future

one is responsible for their destiny

one has only oneself to blame

=> but due to the species being not of mechanical or computational operation things will either be unjust to start off: - one arm/one leg => need for a social system

and things will constantly need adjustment due to progress of the mental understanding of life's offerings => natural selection

internal failings => adjustment required/systems in place - checks & balances


: the boat from the Mediterranean comes in

so help is required / later / fishermen.


I not aware of too many things

if you know what I mean

if you know what I mean

if you know what I mean


Phil is the talk cer box

Rel put a smile on a dag

Rel put a smile on a dag

Rel put a smile on a dag


S in the should on water

so fore I get to deep

so fore I get to deep

so fore I get to deep



if you know what i mean

slow me in the shallow water

before i get to deep

before I get too deep


what I am is what I am

and what you are is what you are


I say

I say

I say

I do ...


village idiot

brain dead

you've got a lot of living to do without



where are you


sunshine's at the sky

glisten in the



eyes all day

air of Dec

sware it reign that way

where are you

where are you now

say it Moon shadow

Be yourself again

Be what you were

what you were

what you were

You'll never be what you were

You'll never be what you were




feel the same way

far away place

looks like you


do you wonder where you are

distant country

wheels keeps on turning

nothing distant the way it goes around


thoughst in another bed

sleeping in another


live death




maybe you ride a different wave

catch different rays of sun

just began to question

back & forth

around again

around again

and again


nothing dist the way it goes around


the wheel keeps on turning &



banck & ... around again



me I am a body of friends

we notice you don't come around

I think it depends on you

I quit I give up

it seems like nothings good enough

for anybody it seems.


I by myself



everything is temporary anyway

that means you & I

I quit

I give up

... nothing

me I'm a body


notice you me many things

way out of this there's

out of this mess

being inside

turn around put each other down

there's a way out of this ...

this mess deep inside

being inside

close the door & open your a ...




smiles at her reflection in a spoon


sees herself in ever

you can't judge her for that

she knows where her head is at


she's laughed upon you



better to the sky








da da da lieee....


moves in simple curves

talks simple words

sing love with her

judge/head judge head

you call her home

and you want to move it

home is not a house

not enough

call home




la ...


Are ya bad



don't you want to talk

about it

but of company

did you ad day

don't tell me nothing I don't want to know

nothing I hate more


nothing keeps me up at night

nothing can

cause a great big fight

how what the

what rang

don't tell me nothing

there's no ...

toss & turn over

nothing can cause

a great big fight


talk to me

are you feeling blue





I don't want to know




your head


falling down

brown eyes

I want to be with you





through lonely


quiet breeze

right now you

right now ...

I'm picturing you


your heat is mine

with me

want to know


be right


do you know how it feels


hard to write the words let alone being the voices

even if it is not the singing of Hassam

be it in the English voice or the chips or the foreign voices and the movement of chairs ...


keep coming back


negative space



who doesn't lead

the way


every thing




if my heart is with you I can miss you


Bomb Shiver



Fish to eat


To be for days

By the beach

Be there sun

And fun



And beach


More sun

Bomb Shiver

To the cafe



Bomb Shiver

Where the river flows

Green hats wander dunes

By the mint cafe

Bomb Shiver

Bomb Shiver



Things are getting distant

as in getting, or would more logically be

deep inside

problems behind

where the words

come from

open mind

story or stop

noise of waves

as the glass tingles to the spoon

the whistle speeds

through the air

reflection on the spoons


read the words for where the head is the getting off when where the should of the latin femme on the T-Shirt of the laughter ioz form of the ancient Sancology of make it believe what who knows is the spoon of the music as wander to parks mountains boom sweet home lalalalalalalala run wander parade for summer to the glow I shiver

comprehension is minimal

not only due to my inability to write

especially when the page is resting on

and my ability to produce a sentence of

nothing can cause a great big fight

so it all just seems to come out until

shiver on the words

of the song comes the request which I have already undertaken

please can you change change what was that I wanted to do





I think that today is Friday, maybe ever the 4th of July, American Independence Day, I do believe, birthday of brother David, (be it French), and I'm sure numerous others, as it will be the death of many, but most of this will have no effect in the resort town of Saadia where the Moroccans lie on the beach to take in the sun pass the hours with the ball and look forward to normality when departure is undertaken. The journey is desired as nothing goes on here and what does is not particularly stimulating though to sleep with the fishermen has been interesting, for three nights and now it is time to put Algeria out of sight as it is with out of mind for now the road to Barcelona is near the completion of North Africa must be undertaken properly with play surf and mountains. Skiing! Yet to buy the map, so who knows where.

The music blares on s the muscled me offer their bodies to the sun which blasts down upon the bare earth. Exposure is all the masculine attributes as the females wander under the cloth, hibernate in the house, and shop together

"there's the bus"


As I thought, It's Saturday, the sun has set the pockets are lined the stomach is full the bag is well prepared and on the rail to Marrakech I am after relieved Hassam of his duties with 100 Dhrm. Not too bad.


Over the shoulder come the eyes of an individual that is a particularly interested person of youth that desires to be everywhere that can be all the time to enable knowledge to be at its maximum whilst doing everything all the time cut the door the voices flow of others interested that can't be told of all that should be said but to tell some is worthwhile but to ... bomb shiver


train I would hazard to guess

no it's not

eyes over the shoulder




Cascades Omar / friend / Germans

=> locals & lift back

problem in taxi: 10 no 30 - they will always try

hash opium

children fighting

- on the hill in the hay with the prongs on the street crushing legs

- nothing unusual

for the amount of poverty & financial diversity the social seems to operate without too much hatred, ill will; 2.55 to give to the poor - Islam / Koran - so he (watchman) said

the police let everything go

=> drugged society - hash ...

=> happiness - fake reality ...

=> poverty ...

here my life is unfortunate - english allows me to communicate but only just

- so conversation hits the basic level and then their story must be repeated, and the basics are always the same / similar, so conversation is not able to be entertained.

though Omar

NZ girl


the position is taken, the 10pm, the belts in hand, his neighbor has some shirts, conversation is the main occupation as the families that wander past, smallest children in arms, it's holidays, though any difference is a thought, observe but purchase not. The evening ritual is the vision, the entertainment that must be consumed to prepare the mind for a restful sleep, and out of the house it must be because they are not usually stimulating, physically comfortable, or mentally absorbing as the construction & contents are simply adequate.

Such is life in the - tea & biscuits upstairs with the physics / maths - Arabic, French , English

the pride was the French dictionary - no book or tape recorder and few tapes no posters basics