So there you go

As I come close

To where the place may be

Days of play will never determine

Facts operate around lives

As we travel

Seconds pass

Play they say

For work is always to be done

Where is the desk of the street

For footpaths always move

To wish for static life

To dream of life

Just do

For there never


Just do

As the seconds past


For observation

For seconds waste

For last



the tambourine plays so play on


You may be on the plain

You may be possessing a brain

You may see

We may think

And we do dream

For you and I live

Be you alive

I don't know For where are you

As to who you are I do not know

For you are not I

Though you know I

Better to be

For you are

As we move within

Together we see

Stars fly

Be you North

Be I high

Be they


Let us Be


And we will live the dreams

of life until we die

into the arms of



The attempt to transfer the idea from one to the next is not flavored by the presentation of the music that may enable one to sink into what may be the termite that is not unfortunately understood by the mass as if it would be the case.

He would

And I can see no sense in the effort of defeat


As to

Why be

There may

Do you

For I

There will

Be that

For sure

there will be the day that

explosions will enable the fact

present itself just as the sun

rises to the

For sure






For sure

The music plays on

FOr sure

Songs will be sung

For sure

The sun will rise

Prior to the settling

The mind will see

For sure

For sure


Sometimes the music plays

sometimes the playing of the music is???


For there was once a future

For there was once a past

For now there is only the present

So the seconds exist

For there is life to generate.

So we move to the next

FOr is there even a degree of continuity

Is there even a blood flow

Where is the passage

Is there a step we should take

Is there a destiny

Where is the tax

Where is the pillow

I need to breath

Is that what we should think about

Nature is natural

The dirt is our playground

So swim in the mud

Struggle in the mire

Barb is the friend I'm yet to meet

Where is the glory of the glass

Where is the glory of music

Where is the destiny

Dreams are for the night

Dreams are for sleep

Seconds are awake

Movement of blood



Sometimes we are happy and accept what we are meant to but whether we should do so or not is up the rising of the mind and the presence it presents for that day so to say g'day and smile and then consider life to be rosie is life like saying to those who are dead and deceased get up and dance.

Sometimes you pick up the pen

Sometimes you open the eyes

Sometimes there is a journey

Sometimes there is

And other times there



Where it rains the sun shines above

Clouds seem to move form the West

Be it south north or east


Rotate that earth

Thanks God

For you and I and them

Yes we all thank the soul

For we do exist

Live on to the next day

For we do exist

Life as it seems to be

Be it where

Be it when

Be it as you may

"For I don't know how to stop"

"For in a big country"

We can roam wander and meander

across the plains until we meet the mounts

and then the plains are observed

above where the sky's shadows

is shattered only by the blinking

of the mind that moves onto the next

glimpsing off the sea that wafts across

the horizon that seems to present

itself within the eye but be there reality

in that view is up to you to know

about for I don't see the seconds

pass pass pass


There was the day that it was meant to be as it was the moment there should have been there is the possibility that it may happen for I do, I'm not sure, for the second hat is about to present itself is the one that I have not, understood, for I may do the action that I had desired to but I'm not sure whether the fact that, be yes that would be to loud, but I'm not sure if the vision that you presented to the screen was the one that was desired by, so then I would have to reconsider for within the passage of time was the thought that it may have been appropriate to have undertaken the duty that was presented at that stage when you were



So you turn the page and the story you read is so unrelated to the last conversation you had with the newspaper that your mother is so confused that the message she left upon the machine was related to the day before and therefore you and I did not know where the glow was going to end or if it even existed thou to say that there was, horses impressed upon the couch was close to the pillow of bliss thou there was the man of mars to the left who said nothing in words but volumes in concept ...

so the volumes spoken before the turn of the page were so unrelated to the concept of the next that confusion seemed to run through to the extent that there was ...

So we all wandered and wandered for the paths to follow for there were passages and we wish to be amongst the track for others to follow those lines of trees or where they the erosion that seemed to be generated by the rain be it the acid that blew the garbage of N. Y.


for there needs to be

for there is always the desire

as we wish

be it for

as you desire

you will


for there may be

where is that sunny

Days pass without

Years in the future

We will contemplate


It will be the case


For that should be what occurs due to the fact that after years of dedication I wanted that to become a reality the the extent that I saw the horizon getting