Thursday evening, feeling that way do the undertaking people take on. The time would be 11.37pm and after the run; well!

Fi not well!

The presence of being; mentally, to be

slow flow, as the man travels from one destination: the pre-exam study blues, to the destination of the man in blue for the Richmond corner peak hour revenue presentation. the village scene by the shores of rock and shrub is bleak at the time of year that the minds move of the sea of the Mediterranean as the young lad moves to the grocer to purchase the daily lifestyle of the time that the livers live their lives.

the stars move past slowly as the lounge passes that time that was the industrial age, the realise of the future to be slow in our present time, but in reality of those iron works, car factories, ... mining ... (ok for past waste but present pollution); the black and white intensity of strength, harshness so bleak that the body shivers to that smoke ridden completeness. The lives are the same, but they live that, only them.

So that needs to be rectified.

So people live, travel along their own existence, but within that existence people live differently within their minds, body and soul; not to mention the body when it does not let one function nor the mind that commits one.

The eyes are the indication to where that

mental attitude is, but no not see,

that is like the case of the twin or the ...

the fire can exist within the fuel, but without the fire is just a potential, as can so may other this so to rectify this one must do as the desire occurs and to only do the first with is complete when completed.