To whom it may concern,


I am writing this letter as a form of congratulations to all those concerned (Committees, coaches, players, supporters) in helping to produce our greatest on field successes in my lifetime.


The month of September has been enthralling, fascinating, exciting, spectacular, but most of all, satisfying


I was not a footballer, but my heroes, Greg Wells, Garry Hardiman, Tony Sullivan ... were. Week in, week out I would arrived at the ground hopeful that the champs had learnt from the previous weeksss lossesss. On many occasions I wanted to run onto that field and tell them what they were doing wrong, to get in front, and on some occasions I do not think I would have even walked onto the ground.

On one occasion a few loyal mates and I travelled out to VFL Par to experience a record margin kicked against us. Fitzroy played quite well that day but I was far from disgraced by our performance! We usually lost by ten goals, so this loss of thirty goals was not unexpected. We did play quite well.

The years went on and side remained in the lower section of the ladder. One year it seemed we might just make it. The final round of 1979 was comparable to this year, in that we had to beat Collingwood away and Carlton had to beat Footscray away, but Footscray drew with Carlton. Depression set in!


The Club seems to create drama. Big names, big money, big future!!!

John Tilbrook

Kelvin Templeton

Ron Barassi

It is strange to look back in retrospect at the success achieved in 1987 and the main man behind the success, John Northy. The quiet achiever, No hype, just dedication, persistence, and team work all leading to success, reward, and satisfaction.


1987 was our chance; we had recruited well and we had a favorable draw, If we were to achieve anything, this was our chance.


We started well, as in past years, only to slump, as in past years. The major blow dealt to myself occurred against North on a Friday night at the MCG. It was a disgrace and afterwards I knew that my enthusiasm had been stabbed in the back, again.


It was rejuvenated again on that famous arena against our bitter rivals Collingwood. A more than comfortable victory. Our successes mainly due to guts + determination paid off in a gruelling night grand final victory over a far superior side in Essendon. This superb performance was over and above our normal state of affairs and naturally enough led to an immediate slump. This was eventually reversed and ...

M vrs WC






Thank you melb.