Today would be saturday, just, as the watch reads 12.25am as the light within the cranium will only enable production

so instead of sleep I write the thoughts of the past which are many, from Barca to the Saint,

but for this account Saint will take the minds full ...

sleep was not obtained in London so thoughts are short and not well ...

the boat is good, well appointed has a good crowd and, I am sure, will be a great journey through Russian landscapes between tow infamous cities.


wheelchair - initial horror on bus => lunch: ok

airport line up: "holly shit"

I am so tired


Not too much now that the road is being walked again

paint/write read Russian

shops: fish ... plug

telephone - rail camera house

run & exercise.



VISA NUMBER: T-V Number 970828 12/8/92 arrival

Passport Number:- H543560

Telex 413516 AUSTRSU






To whom it may concern

I, Antony Frazer Clemenger, am an Australian citizen, Passport number H543560, whom is presently traveling through Russia on the MV Alexei Surkov.

This is an organised tour to depart back to London ???

I want to stay on in Moscow, Russia and travel either the Ukraine, Georgia and Moldavia, possibly Armenia.

I wish to know if I can obtain a visa to stay ???


(bits are missing from this page)