The young child gets run over in the movie Pet Sematery, this being 9pm, but I am able to then turn it off and then dwell on this scene. The way I feel about it is not the horror, because reality in this society is not horrible any longer, it is just normal. The thing that has an impact upon me is the realisation of sudden death.

Sudden death.

No preparation, no ability for the mind, body and soul to remember the person with kindness. No time to tell that person whatever the thoughts that travelled between them were, how they affected each other.


Death occurs in it's harshest state.


There is the knowledge of existence at the precise time as the knowledge of death.

So, therefore, that straight line of time is once again a circle in infinity, but since life is finite, in reality no straight line exists.

Life is death, just like love is hate.

They are the two extremes that meet. To know one via experience is to b able to know the other, but this is only achieved with thought, concentration and time.

To tell the truth one actually never knows; the individual may think they know but which individual actually knows the truth. The reality is that no-one knows anything, just what we think we know.

I mean, do we really exist! I mean, it is not as if we can just get up and ask someone else, because they are the same as us. Of course they will say we exist, because they think they do.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Ignorant until proven reality ... theory => fact

but what is fact,

human fact.

what is reality