13/5 10pm

The pen is in the hand once again, enabling the thoughts to be spilt out onto paper. I know this is a pointless task, but to the extent that it is a task then it is not pointless, just an undertaking that will generate no good, but to state that is to pose the question: what is good?

This once again leads one to comparison and the answer of relativity, which once again leads us to compare people, where their experience comes from us to generate the answer they present.

For two to present the same answer to the same question intending the same meaning is to obviously mislead the listener, or it is an inability for the individual to present their thoughts in the precise manner that is reality within their body, but then who is really in touch with their body. The body that is of manner which includes soul, body and mind.

No one is in touch with all, so no one is able to express their true feelings, no one is able to state how they feel ...

I presently have undertaken, or fallen into a relationship, this is a pleasant thought, and I have only now started to consider this. Mainly because I am not with. This is one of the reasons why love is not understood, because love, with another person, requires another person, so to relate this to paper or film requires the other person.

One in a relationship is always with another person and the only reason why this person would not be with the other person is because they have some reason. Generally not to be alone to consider their life, what feelings are presently being experienced, or what is that relationship about.

So love is one of the great unknowns.

Hate is so easy to write about, to know and express because hate is normally, generally, often, undertaken individually.

There is one reason for that hate, which may develop to many, as there is one reason for love, which may develop to many. To know what that reason is, to understand why you love that person is to understand why you love that person is to understand the self, because in the basics of existence love and hate proceed all, all actions, movements, and forms of communication.

Emotion is the (essence of life).

To be in tune with ones emotion, to know and react within individual reality is to live the truth, to be one with oneself.

Now that may be of little importance to people who live in western society, not desiring to know more about themselves, but that is the problem with western society. People become resources to be utilise, and generally abused.

The value of money is far too great.

To be able to live is enough.

Is greed good, yes, in the right context, such as greed for life, for the operation of the world and the individual within it, to exist within as deeply as possible, but to take is to destroy , which is not good, so that type of greed is a bad thing.

And now I have my mind thinking I feel slightly depressed, as one must in this present existence. It is so easy for me to not think, to partake in the offerings, whether it be to watch TV to read a book to go out with friends.

One of the hardest things to do is to sit alone, and to think alone.

People say this is a bad thing to do as it ...

and in comparison I would agree with ...

but one must do it to know about it to be able to comment on it, now do the people who tell you to go out and enjoy yourself, do they know about themselves, about the world, about existence, do they know that their reality is worse off ofr individual thought, no, no one can know that because no one has lived a life of thought.

Now, maybe it does lead one to a life of abnormality and conjecture and rejection, but is that bad. I actually think that that may be a good thing, because most people only reject what they don't understand, otherwise there would be eventual agreement. If there is no agreement then:

one is right/one is wrong

both are right: ineffective communication

both are wrong: ineffective communication

There is only one answer, it may be obtained via different avenues, but if one reject you, the thoughts you present then it is most likely that the other person is unable to comprehend your attitude. Is that because you present yourself in a manner they are unable to relate to.


One has to be everything and everybody.

Be yourself as they are and then you are them and they are you.

That is the answer.

Great minds are great things but they are no good if no one can understand them.


People are not smart because they created a verbosity, language that enables them to confuse, ridicule, downgrade others, they are smart because they can help others, and to say the word smart I mean helpful, good, not as one may interpret it as being intelligent.

To use intelligent wisely is to be smart.

That is the objective.

To utilise our skills to the best advantage of our fellow creatures.

We all have specific skills.

The process of education is to locate those skills, so as to be able to utilise them in our life so as to make life worth living.

People don't like money, they like the power that money presents.

Some people need power, OK.

so long as they use it for everybody else's benefit.

Then life is improved for all


this needs to be thought about,

this needs to be answered.


Answers need reality.

Answers are reality.

Otherwise what could they answer.

As to imagine is to toss the coin of reality over the top.

That is not bad, it is nothing.

Nothing is bad,

Just a waste of time, though time is not

relative, so what is wasted,


Or reality!


please answer this question!