We bring publishers and marketers together to create out-of-the-box advertising and content campaigns.

Standing out from your competition

It’s a highly competitive marketing world out there – with often, very little opportunity to make your brand or company stand out. Your competition has access to the same media and marketing tools that you have. 

Or do they?

Our edge is your edge. 

Our media content packages are only available through Clemenger Consulting. The package we put together for you will be yours…exclusively.

We create strategic, creative, content and advertising campaigns that set you apart.

Clemenger Consulting is an advertising sales agency representing publishers and trade associations nationally in print, and digital media. We have the resources, relationships, and expertise to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

We specialise in advertising+content, content only and native content packages, particularly in niche, extremely targeted, publications.

Our strategic approach

Our advertising sales agency invests time in learning about your organisation, immersing ourselves in your industry, developing relationships with prospects, and supporting sales with effective marketing tactics.


For clients who require production of assets for these campaigns, we can provide highly experienced creative, editorial and photographic talent.

Some of our CUSTOMERS


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