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Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) is the peak national body, based in Melbourne Australia, representing the interests of manufacturing technology suppliers and users within the precision engineering and advanced manufacturing sector. AMTIL has its finger on the pulse and is well placed to educate and support businesses and individuals in the manufacturing industry.

Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or distributor, or a general manufacturing technology company, AMTIL has a range of services to help you and your business to connect, be informed and grow. Online advertising is an effective way for companies
to showcase their various products and services on offer, allowing quick and easy access to updated information at the touch of a button.

Communicating effectively through digital platforms enables a company to pass information to a large targeted group in order to increase brand awareness and generate sales. Companies today rely on the internet as a key source of information dissemination. Therefore, investing in a good digital marketing strategy will enable you to communicate your key messages and company information in a more efficient and effective manner.


AMTIL offers an opportunity for you to market your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This will ensure potential customers can obtain information about your company and your products easily and readily at the touch of a button. Having a strong digital presence also provides businesses with the flexibility to update their marketing strategy to reflect the latest trends and developments. This investment is especially important for businesses in a highly competitive market to ensure they are positioning themselves effectively against their competitors.

Organizations aiming to grow their business need to seriously consider digital marketing as part of their package of tools for generating leads to be converted to sales.


  • Single click-through directly to your website
  • Industry-targeted contact group
  • 60,000+ online advertising impressions per month (dependant on package)
  • 7,000 visitors per month
  • 25,000 average page views per month
  • Average pages viewed: 6.65
  • Time spent on our site: 2.36 mins
  • Lead up to AUSTECH, visitors and page views increase by a further 50%

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